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Launching amazing Web3 projects through a combination of white label software as a service solutions designed for NFT & Crypto communities and Web3 project Advisory.

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Where are you

on your Crypto Journey?

Starting out


That’s fantastic! You are still extremely early as the majority of people are not yet involved.

If you have come this far, I’m sure you believe like us that Crypto is the future and that now is the right time to invest in or build a blockchain business.

Here’s what you can start looking at:

  • Learning - if you want to play in any industry the first step is always to understand the market and the other players;
  • Investing - crypto is a great market to be in but it’s still very risky so start out slow and only ever risk what you are willing to lose;
  • Building - the market is so new that building a web3 business, decentralised application or even a NFT collection all have great potential;

Next steps:
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Blockchain Education


Even when the markets are down, there is so much opportunity within the Web3 space.

Investing in the right cryptocurrency or NFT has the potential to make you a significant return on investment (ROI). BUT if you want to be in control and maximise the potential for winning, you should look at either starting your own Web3 project or adding blockchain technology to your existing business.
However, before you can build an NFT project or start a Blockchain business, you must first understand the fundamentals of Web3 technology.

Some next steps:

Web3 Startups


There is no doubt that the best way to jump on the crypto wave is to create your own Web 3, NFT or Blockchain project.

However, to do that, you need to have access to the right people, partners and service providers.

Chainwiz is a collaboration of successful Web3 professionals and Blockchain businesses. We act as consultants and brokers, guiding you to what you need the most

We have also created a directory of tried and tested crypto experts for you to leverage.

Next steps:

- Check out our "Find a Specialist" directory;
- Jump into our Discord community and chat to our team direct;
- Book in a call and one of the Chainwiz specialists will help you find what you are looking for.

Blockchain Business Opportunities


Sometimes it's better to partner up or even invest in a startup rather than recreating the wheel.

We endeavour to get to know all our members so we can work out how to help them best. Whether this is introducing them to the right person or providing the community as a whole with a new tool, we are here to help founders build and grow their blockchain businesses!

  • Follow us on Twitter and hit the bell to get notifications on all new opportunities;
  • Join our Discord where will be matching project founders and starterupers to investors, co-founders and service providers
  • Engage with other in the community and start Alpha conversations!

Free Services


We are already providing a suite of free tools to our loyal community members.

By 2023, these will become NFT holder benefits for those that hold our upcoming genesis collection.

  • Free strategy session on launching a Web3 project
  • Access to a community of vetted service providers and potential partners
  • Free one-page website (using our template) + hosting for 6 months
  • PLUS heavily discounted smart contract and minting site development

Web3 Tools


We are also building a suite of tools that will enable Web3 projects to launch fast and provide instant utility to community members, including:

  • White-label access to your own LMS (developed)
  • White-label access to your own partner directory (developed)
  • White-label access to your own project directory with risk algorithm (developed)
  • White-label access to your own staking portal (in development)
  • White-label access to your own raffle marketplace (in development)
  • A full self-serve NFT hub (planned)

How to take advantage of Chainwiz

Our Education

We have an array of free resources here on the website and in our Discord and will soon be launching a full NFT course.


Our community members get access to certain tools and services for free so jump in to see whats on offer

Our Socials

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Our Partners

Use our "Find a Specialist" director to find partners and services providers or reach out to us on Discord if you need something custom.

Want to partner with Chainwiz?

If you'd like us to research your project or have an opportunity to share, please get in touch.

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Learn about Web3

Whether you are just looking to further your blockchain education or trying to work out how to start your own Web3 business, we'll provide the resources you need, including:

Access to our foundation blockchain education videos
Free Web3 downloadables that will help you launch your own blockchain business
Get access to our Freemium course on how to start a Web3 business

Explore Web3 & Blockchain technologies

We've created and curated tools to help Web3 founders launch their blockchain businesses.

Educate yourself on the fundamentals of Web3 and blockchain technology
Learn about the different blockchain technologies and which is right for you
Gain access to our suite of tools that will enable you to scale your business

Bored Ape




Battle Catz


Launch NFTs across multiple chains

We can help you launch your NFT projects, no matter what the chain (Ethereum, Solana, AVAX, IMX and more)

Let us help you build your community via strategies, collabs and the right providers
We know what it takes to launch an NFT project and we share this with our community
Discover the tools and personnel that will help you make your NFT project a success

Launch your Web3 business the right way!

We're well-versed in helping projects launch and have an array of different specialised within our network who can help

We'll match you to potential partners and personnel to hep you launch
You get guidance on alternative fund raising techniques from IDOs to launchpads
Once validated, You can also get access to our black book of potential investors

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