The Hottest Solana NFT Minting December 2022 - Knittables

Knittables, the most anticipated Solana NFT is minting 20th December 2022. Here we've outlined everything you need to know.

Knittables is our most anticipated Solana NFT minting December 2022. We're going to drop the details below as now full info has been shared!

Knittables Mint TL:DR

The mint date has officially been announced. It will take place on 20/12/2022

  • Supply 10,000
  • Knittables Whitelist 1: 12-3pm EST
  • Double WL1 Mint: 3-3:30 pm EST
  • Knittables Whitelist 2: 3:30-5:30 pm EST
  • Public Mint: 5:30pm EST
  • Whitelist Mint Price: 7 Sol
  • Public Mint Price: 9 Sol
  • Join their Discord
  • Follow them on Twitter

Before we jump into more info on Knittables NFT Collection, here's some general NFT minting information for those that may be doing it for the first time.

What's the best way to invest in upcoming NFT projects?

How can you tell if an NFT is a smart investment? We've broken it down for you. You should always evaluate whether an NFT project is worth your time (and money). When considering any sort of investment, due diligence is important in order to ensure that you're putting your resources into something with solid potential. This comprehensive process allows investors to identify red flags and assess whether a project warrants further attention. Although many people see NFTs as pieces of art, the majority of drops have been linked to business ventures.

First, look at the team behind the project. Do members have a strong track record in blockchain development or NFTs? Are they well-known in the community? Take time to research each person's credentials and assess their abilities as individuals and as a collective. Investing in projects with experts on board is not only reassuring but will also increase your chances of success.

Next, consider the technology. Does the project have a solid infrastructure? Is it built on blockchain technology or is another platform being used? Make sure that you're familiar with how the team plans to use the NFTs and if they are integrated with any other platforms. Understanding this information can help you assess whether the project is going to be profitable or not.

Finally, think about the potential of the project in the long-term. Is it likely to have staying power? Look at its current performance, as well as any future projects that are planned. Keep in mind that some NFTs may only exist for a limited period of time, so make sure to factor this into your decision.

What exactly is NFT minting and how does it work

NFT minting is the process of creating digital assets on a blockchain. It’s similar to traditional printing but instead of ink and paper, you use cryptocurrency tokens and a distributed ledger. Unlike traditional printing, NFT minting results in the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These are unique digital assets that are stored on the blockchain and can be used for various applications such as gaming, artwork, music, films, collectables and more.

For NFT collections, the process begins when an individual or organization creates an NFT smart contract with parameters such as asset type, quantity and owner’s address. Once all details have been finalized, the contract is deployed onto the blockchain where validators will verify it before it’s added to the ledger

Generally speaking, if you want to get your hands on an anticipated mint, you need to get on the project's White List.  As soon as the project is announced, you can join their waiting list and wait for your chance to purchase. Most projects manage their community on Discord, where you will find all the White List information.

Typical ways to get on an allow list for minting an NFT at launch include:

  1. Grinding on their Discord;
  2. Joining giveaway competitions on Discord and Twitter;
  3. Jumping into Twitter Spaces and AMAs;
  4. Doing project quests (get invite competitions);
  5. Being a member of a partner NFT project.

The hottest upcoming NFT on Solana: Knittables

Knittables is set to be the hottest NFT minting in December 2022 and the collection consists of 10,000 3D-animated NFTs living on the Solana blockchain.

The founders ensured that the NFTs are of the highest quality and compatible with a number of software platforms including real-time Game Engines, Metaverse standards, Web and AR applications.​

The point of Knittables is to allow everyone the opportunity to join an elite community. It's about developing long-term relationships with others that are based on solid trust and mutual respect.

Knittables Whitelist is streamlining the whitelisting process by automating administrative processes, such as collecting addresses and verifying roles. This will minimize bot involvement and make the overall process more efficient.

They have multiple whitelisting tiers to create a fair minting process. The main whitelist (Knittables Whitelist) will not be overallocated, and each spot guarantees 1 mint. The secondary whitelist (Knittables Whitelist 2) is over-allocated but still allows for early minting before the public sale begins.

As above, those on the whitelist will have an opportunity to mint prior to the public launch on the 20th December:

  • Knittables Whitelist 1: 12-3pm EST
  • Double WL1 Mint: 3-3:30 pm EST
  • Knittables Whitelist 2: 3:30-5:30 pm EST

Some things we like about Knittables

Well if the digital art collection isn't enough for you, you need to check out their trailers. They have set a new benchmark for animated teasers and storytelling.

We are also big fans of the team and their experience. They are skilled in 3D and VFX Design, procedural pipelines, entrepreneurship / running successful companies, Coding, and Marketing.

Not just that but they have created an extremely loyal following in this bear market and are attracting an array of NFT holders to invest. They have done this pretty much organically through being active on their various channels and of course the release of their fantastic Digital art.

This is one of those Solana NFTs that we think will appreciate in value as the public rush to get their hands on one via Magic Eden or OpenSea.

But in the end, you should always do your own research before investing in any cryptocurrencies or NFTs and only ever spend what you are willing to lose.

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