How to
Launch an
NFT Project

How to

Launch an

NFT Project

Launching an NFT project consisting of a collection of NFTs is no longer as simple as it once was.

At Chainwiz, we can help you build out everything you need to make your NFT launch a success, starting with the perfect strategy to ensure you project has enough utility to survive the test of time.

NFT Projects 101

What is an NFT Project?

An NFT project usually consists of a collection of NFTs, Non-Fungible Tokens, where the goal is to build a community of unique holders that buy into a predetermined project roadmap.

Typically founders will create generative art on scale, hope to get 1000+ investors to buy into their vision. The project will generally be about more than the art, using proof of ownership to unlock some sort of exclusive benefits.

How to create an NFT collection?

Different blockchains have different procedures but typically it involved the creation of base art and a number of trait layers that can be algorithmically combines to create unique NFTS.

From there you host the images on an IPFS and create a smart contract on your smart contract ecosystem of choice (eg Ethereum or Solana). Early adopters will mint using a launching pad or a custom minting site and then trade on a secondary market like OpenSea or Magic Eden.

Launching an NFT Project your way to turn your vision, be it anything from brand awareness to the formation of a collective working towards one common goal, into a reality!

Benefits of Launching

An NFT Project

Fund Raising

If you have a vision that other people buy into, launching an NFT project can be one of the best (and quickest) way to raise the funds necessary to turn that vision into a reality

Community Building

NFT projects done right bring people together as they join you are your journey, from pre-launch all the way to actioning the key milestones you've outlined in your project roadmap

Proof of Ownership

Being on the blockchain allows for greater exclusivity than ever before. You know exactly who owns your NFT and you can grant holders exclusive access to your dApp or Discord

The Key

to launching

an NFT

There is no doubt that every investor is looking for real value. Typically this is more than just cool generative art. It's about defining a roadmap that adds real value to holders. It's all about creating UTILITY.

NFT Utility Ideas

Utility refers to what the tangible value of holding an NFT is. This really could be a range of things but usually consists of exclusive access to something that is not easily accessible on the open market. The best NFT projects define a unique selling point backed by an actionable roadmap. You need to show investors how their money will be spent and prove to them that they will get a return on investment (ROI).

Access to software or tools

One of the best best way to add utility to an NFT project is by building a decentralised software as a service, a SaaS platform, which is token gated, meaning that only NFT holders can gain access.

Exclusive access to events/items

This is all about offering holders special access to merchandise, events (IRL or metaverse) or even avatars than can be used to gain an advantage in a game.

Education and/or Alpha

In the world of Crypto, knowledge is truly power. Helping holders to learn the what they need to succeed, like we are with launching a Web project, or giving them first mover advantage on new investments yields real value.

Having a great team around you can be the difference between a successful and failed mint. You must ensure you have all aspects covered from your art, marketing. community management and development

How Chainwiz

can help you

launch a successful

NFT project

No matter what stage your as an NFT founder are at, Chainwiz can help you launch and scale your NFT project.

Chainwiz was created with the sole aim of educating founders on exactly what they need to do top launch a project successfully.

Not only can we build custom tech individual to your project, we have a suite of tools that will enable you to launch with instant utility


The Chainwiz NFT Incubator

For those projects where we see synergies and real potential, you can join our incubator program.


  1. Doxxed Web3 professionals to join the team as advisors
  2. Strategic direction on product roadmap and tokenomics
  3. Access to our network of vetted Web3 providers
  4. Free website, smart contract, basic minting site & 6-months hosting
  5. Token generation & IDO
  6. % discount on custom dev work


The Chainwiz NFT Community Tools

Whether you are part of our NFT incubator or not, you can white label our suite of community tools to add utility to your community from launch.
Our tools include

  1. Token gated Learning Management System
  2. Project alpha portal
  3. Holder networking directory
  4. NFT Staking portal
  5. NFT holder verification (in development)
  6. Quests platform (in development)
  7. Merch store (in development)
  8. More in the pipeline....

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your NFT project

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