A limited collection of unique NFTs, hand drawn and granting access to all Chainwiz community assets and affiliated projects. There will only ever be 200 of this exclusive collection, which will slowly rise in value as the Chainwiz roadmap is fulfilled.


  • Supply : 200
  • Mint Price : TBD
  • Mint Date : TBD
  • Chain : Ethereum

Would you like early access to our WL?

At this stage we are only taking on current or future founders onto our allow list
because we want to prioritise people that will make use of our suit of tools and resources.



Chainwiz is a community first and this limited supply NFT is your chance to get in at the ground level and take advantage of everything that we plan to do.

Think of us like the Neo Tokyo of Crypto Education and Entrepreneurship. The scope and vision far exceeds this NFT drop but for those that support us early, you'll be rewarded at every stage of our journey.

We have a 5 year plan spanning much of the crypto industry from DeFi and NFTs to dApps and even P2E. Some of this is in our roadmap and some intentionally isn't. However our Genesis holders will be privy to all and have a say in sculpting a plan that will put our community on the map forever.

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We are currently working with a local artist that will hand draw something epic and befitting of our genesis addition.

While we toyed with a simple ERC-1155 pass, we decided that if we truly wanted to make an immutable mark on the blockchain industry, we needed something that no-one had done before.

As soon as we have landed on a concept, we will put out a sneak preview in Discord to get feedback from our fantastic community.



The benefits of holding a Chainwiz NFT relate to our goal to help Web3 projects launch. As such we are building a suite of tools that new projects will be able to leverage in order to give instant utility to their communities, including:

  • Free strategy session on launching a Web3 project
  • Access to a community of vetted service providers and potential partners
  • Discounted smart contract and minting site development
  • Free one-page website (using our template) + hosting for 6 months
  • White-label access to your own LMS (developed)
  • White-label access to your own partner directory (developed)
  • White-label access to your own project directory with risk algorithm (developed)
  • White-label access to your own staking portal (in development)
  • White-label access to your own raffle marketplace (in developement)
  • A full self-serve NFT hub (planned)

This is but a taster of things to come....


This is not a cash grab so the majority of what we earn from the mint will go towards growing this amazing community.


  • 40% - WIZ token liquidity in preparation of the upcoming TGE;
  • 20% - Expansion of the suite of tools
  • 20% - Marketing the Chainwiz community;
  • 10% -  Towards creating a revenue generating treasury;
  • 10% - Pool for funding incubation