The AptosLaunch IDO, the first decentralized Aptos Launchpad

Details of the AptosLaunch (ATL) IDO, the token launch for the first decentralized Aptos Launchpad.

The AptosLaunch Initial Dex Offering (IDO) is coming on the 13th of November. This will be the token generation event (TGE) for the first decentralized launchpad on the Aptos Blockchain.

Here's everything you need to know about how to get involved in the ALT token launch on the Aptos Blockchain.

But first, a bit of context for those who might not know much about Aptos Labs and their new layer 2.

What is the Aptos Blockchain?

Aptos was co-founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching, who both worked for Meta as senior developers and engineers. The Aptos team is made up of experienced PhDs, researchers, engineers, designers, and strategists.

Aptos is a L1 blockchain that could become one of the quickest and most extensive in its field. With 160,000 tps and a latency lower than 1 second, all transactions will be finalized rapidly.

Aptos moved away from the typical programming language to a newer one called Move. In addition, they use Move VM (virtual machine). These technologies were first established for Diem – which was funded by Meta originally (Facebook project). However, when the Diem project got sold to Silvergate Network in March of next year, some former engineers decided to venture out on their own and make Aptos.

What is AptosLaunch?

AptosLaunch is the first decentralized launchpad on the Aptos Network, and it is designed to help Aptos project owners (both Token & NFT) launch their tokens successfully on the Aptos Blockchain.

The platform offers a customized token launch experience with a strategized launch model, time period, accepted token types and auction algorithms. The success of AptosLaunch relies on the success of the projects that launch through this platform.

This first Aptos launchpad has different proprietary models that use both tier-based and lottery allocation to make sure everyone who participates gets fair rewards. The IDO feature also offers an insurance policy to help protect people's money.

How will IDOs work on AptosLaunch?

When getting involved in an IDO, essentially you are looking to get an allocation of a particular token before the said token is launched on an exchange (typically a decentralized one).

Guaranteed Whitelist

So that all ALT token holders have the best possible experience AptosLaunch has simplified the process. Users just need to hold a certain number of ALT tokens in accordance with the respective tiers. When there is a new project launching on AptosLaunch, users just need to submit their wallet address for the whitelist and they will be guaranteed allocations based on how many ALT tokens they hold.

AptosLaunch Tiers System

To promote a fair distribution, users will be separated into different tiers based on the number of ALT tokens they hold. Those who are in higher tiers will have more advantages when participating in early rounds and receive larger allocation sizes. Some projects will use a First Come First Served policy while others operate using a lottery system. It all just depends on the project itself.

Here are the tiers:

Aptos Launch IDO Tiers

The AptosLaunch Token: ALT

The AptosLaunch Token (ATL) is the utility token for the AptosLaunch ecosystem, which is the first decentralized launchpad on the Aptos Network.

Holding ALT tokens will give you the following benefits:

  1. Voting
  2. Insurance Fund
  3. VIP Tiers
  4. Participation in IDOs
  5. Staking Rewards

The maximum supply of the ALT tokens is 100,000,000 and it will be available on both Aptos and Ethereum chains.

The AptosLaunch IDO Private Round

The AptosLaunch (ALT) IDO Private Round already took place on 29th October 2022 and was very successful. You can find full information on the IDO Private Round here.

The next stages are:

  • IDO Public OG/WL Round - 13th November 2022 UTC 15:00
  • IDO Public Round - 17th November 2022 UTC 15:00

As an investor, you should always do your own research but these rounds will be your last chance to get $ALT at discount prices.

Here are the full tokenomics.

How to get involved in the IDO OG & WL Round

Date: UTC 15:00 13th November 2022

Available on APT — Aptos Chain

OG & Crew3 Tiers for Allocation Snapshot at UTC 3:00

Allocation based on the OG role and Crew3 Tiers. The Whitelisted addresses is based on the submission of your address in Crew3.

How to get involved in the IDO Public Round

Date: UTC 15:00 17th November 2022

Available on APT — Aptos Chain

Open to everyone. First Come First Served.

Fair allocation (All users can buy up to $20)

For more information, check out their article on how to take part in the upcoming AptosLaunch IDO Public, OG/WL Round (100% unlocked).

Or join their Discord.


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