This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take the Chainwiz community over the next few years. We aim to employ many elements of the Crypto market but all aimed towards the ultimate goal of providing education so founders can leverage the many opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer.


Community and Free Resources ✅

The initial launch consisted of a website of resources and information along with a Discord where the team drops research tips and the community can get together to chat about upcoming crypto developments


Blockchain Specialist Directory ✅

Bring together a collection of vetted blockchain specialists so startups can find consultants, outsourcing resources and even collaborative partners. This will be launched on the Chainwiz site and also made available to white label if you are a Chainwiz partner or down the track an NFT holder


Learning Management System ✅

A custom learning management system that will employ a token gated freemium model. This will allow NFT projects to deliver


Genesis Chainwiz NFTs (TBD)

There will be a limited drop for the genesis NFTs (circa 500) and these will have an array of benefits to the holder spanning the lifetime of the Chainwiz projects, starting with access to the community tools, WL spots for launchpad projects and collaboration projects, and free NFT airdrops for all future Chainwiz (and affiliated) NFT projects


The Project Vault

Another website resource where we will be adding easy to find blockchain project research the community can leverage for their own investments


Chainwiz Advisory✅

The Chainwiz team of specialists will join other Solana and Ethereum projects as advisors, adding value via product strategy, Tokenomics, marketing and more!


The Crypto Course
(Q1 2023)

With one of our founders currently writing a book on how to startup a Web3 business, we decided to concentrate that content into a course. It's made for non-tech founders, covering everything from creating a product that people want to buy to strategies like Tokenomics, marketing and even business structuring.


NFT Project Hub (Q2 2023)

The Project Hub is all about bringing utility to any/all NFT projects, whether they are pre-launch or trying to scale. It brings together those features we've already launched along with a slew of upgrades. Plus it brings a whole new way to look at token earning.


Chainwiz Crypto Networking (Q3 2023)

We want to take holder networking communities to the next level with an innovative intro to earn model and a dApp that will facilitate it all.


The ChainwizDAO & CHAINWIZ (Q3 2023) governance token

Setup to manage the project moving forward, from the treasury spending and internal development for the future of Chainwiz


Chainwiz Business Membership (Q4 2023)

We will conduct a stealth launch for "membership NFTs". There will be different categories with associated supplies, yielding different benefits from simple directory listings to incubation and white-labelling